Do you have multiple books for your daily activities?

So, I've been home sick, which means lots of sleep and reading.  It also means I'm not driving around, so I notice that I haven't read anything from my "car" book in awhile.


Is it weird that I have a car book, a paperback/hardback book, and kindle to correspond with my daily activities?


Car book, is for when I'm stuck in the car, not always my kindle read because I like to keep it different :D  My current car book is Code Name Verity.


I also have my paperback/hardback that I keep at home to read as I can.  My current book is Tigana.


My kindle is kept with me at all times, but most often used when I read at night and the only book I will take to bed with me.  My current book is Blinded By Our Eyes, although I read multiple books at a time on this.


Do you do this?