Short Review: The Little Things

The Little Things - Jay Northcote

So the reviews for this book were all over the place, but I was in the mood for a family story, so I decided to take the plunge.


There is a lot of mundane, day to day, snapshots of Joel's life and I can see where this might not work for all readers. But since I wanted a family read, it really worked for me. I loved seeing the way Joel and Evie worked together and learning about her stuffed animals...I was in the mood for sentimental..


Near the end, I really was screaming at Joel over Liam, especially since he put up with so much from Dan without a care.


Liam, loved him from the moment he showed up, and I definitely would have liked a better balance between Joel's day to day versus building the love story. More time needed to be spent on that relationship.


Overall, I enjoyed the story. It won't be for everyone, so be forewarned that if you don't like to know what the MC eats everyday, then this might not be for you :D