Mini Review: Training Season

Training Season - Leta Blake

Hhmmm...I think I just read episodes of Be Good Johnny Weir?


That kind of struck me through the beginning and end of this book. Matty shares Johhny's love of furs, Russian, clothes, OCD vacuuming, New Jersey, similar BFF, and has had unfair scores for his skating...sounds just like the season of tv.


Therefore, it was hard for me to get into this book, because I just watched some of this on a reality tv show...maybe if I hadn't watched the show, I might have liked this story better?


So, it was hard for me to really get into this story.


I did love the chemistry between Matty and Rob, although I hated Matty's reasons for completely leaving Rob. Some of the sex scenes were so wonderful and intimate, and some left me knowing it wasn't my thing at all!


I liked it fine, but didn't love it...definitely not a reread.